Zhen Tea Huang Da Cha Yellow tea

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Yellow tea (huángchá) is among the rarest and most expensive of all the children of the Camellia Sinensis plant. True yellow tea is a rare find. Many teas that claim to be yellow are actually processed as green tea. 

Fortunately for us, our curator Linda Gaylard and our friends at Zhen, a collective of sommeliers and producers, have helped us find the best of the best, the real deal.

Yellow tea is actually produced similarly to its sibling green tea, but it’s wrapped in a steamy wet cloth after firing, so the leaves take on a golden colour. This step also gives the tea a mellow, less chlorophyll-y flavour. 

Zhen’s yellow tea is refreshing with strawberry tones and a sweet aftertaste.  It pairs deliciously with broiled field berries drizzled with raw cacao syrup, and roasted walnuts. Accept no substitutions. 

Curated by Linda Gaylard