Salt Traders Sarawak Black Pepper

Salt Traders Sarawak Black Pepper

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Malaysia is known for rainforests, shoe designers, and as of right this second, fancy peppercorns. Borneo black pepper burned its way into the spice spotlight when the 19 Michelin starred celebrité chef, Alain Ducasse, recommended small satchels as Christmas gifts in Newsweek magazine. 

Sarawak, on the Northwest coast of Malaysia, grows the majority of the island’s pepper. It’s known to produce a mild heat and delicately aromatic flavour, which makes it a sought after seasoning for meats. The pleasantly refined black pepper is also a surprising elevator of tropical fruits and desserts. 

Salt Trader’s Sarawak Black Pepper is particularly fresh—it’s packaged within a day of being picked. The peppercorns are dried indoors with streams of fresh, hot air to preserve the delicate compositions of the fruits aromatic oils. It’s the next best thing to pulling the pepper berries off the vine with your teeth and then having a whole steak right afterward.

Curated by Michele Anna Jordan