Nepali Tea Traders Manaslu Spring Tippy Black

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With the deeply cute name “Spring Tippy,” known for its bright, silverly leaf tips, Nepali Tea Traders’ offering is grown near the peaks of Nepal’s “mountain of the spirit”, Manaslu. It's then withered and oxidized, then smoked over a wood fire.

The black teas of Nepal tend to look more green in leaf due to the dry air of the mountains they grow on. This tea has been compared to Darjeeling because of the similar terroir. The leaf is fragrant with light, sweet vegetal flavours and a hint of walnut.

Grown in Nepal at extremely high altitudes, Nepali Tea Traders' tea bursts with great flavour. Committed to re-investing its profits into the wellbeing of Nepalese children, this tea maker is all about good tea that also does good. 

Pair this cute tippy with your cutest friends and some equally charming baked apple and buffalo brie.

Curated by Linda Gaylard