Nepali Tea Traders Green Pearls of Agni

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This tea is named after the Sanskrit God of Fire, and it is a true smoke show. A deeply desirable tea, the elegant, curled green leaves speak to the energy, creativity, warmth and wisdom of Agni. 

The fresh leaves are partially withered with the smoke of burning oak wood. They’re then cooled and hand rolled for a little under a half hour. They’re shaped into balls (or pearls) with help of a machine. 

Nepali Tea Traders grow their tea in, you guessed it, Nepal. It’s grown at extremely high altitudes in the mountains, which gives this tea its intense set of flavours. The company is committed to re-investing its profits to help the community, specifically the children, of Nepal. This is a good tea that also does good.

Unique and refreshing, it has a subtle smoke taste, with a sweet vegetal flavour to even it out.  An all-season tea that pairs nicely with fresh chèvre, roasted chestnuts and roasted red pepper, drink this when you’re hanging with your goddesses. 

Curated by Linda Gaylard