Momotea Usucha Matcha

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Should you need to stay up all night and focus, Matcha is the vibrant, creamy green friend that will help you focus without losing your mind. 

Matcha, unlike other teas, is a finely ground powder that’s made of the whole leaf, so you’re getting the benefit of the entire Camellia Sinensis plant. It’s also shaded while grown, which  stimulates chlorophyll production in the leaf, boosting its antioxidants and amino acids. 

A favourite among Japanese Samurai warriors during the Edo period (1603-1868), Matcha is experiencing a non-monk surge of popularity, it's being used in everything from cheesecake to macarons. 

Momo Yoshida, the Momo behind Momotea and our beautiful Matcha, is a tea sommelier from Japan. She uses fresh young Tencha leaves, which are ground and powdered by hand in Kyoto. Made to be whisked with warm water, this frothy green goodness is sweet and creamy, with just a hint of umami. 

Curated by Linda Gaylard