Momotea Premium Uji-Gyokuro

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Serious lovers of green tea (we’re imagining you wearing a monocle with a creased brow, examining a carefully dried leaf pinched between a thumb and forefinger), know that this is the highest grade of green leaf tea in Japan. The name Gyokuro means jade dew, which is what the delicate, vibrant green infusion looks like.  

Gyokuro leaves are grown in fields shaded for 3 or 4 weeks before harvest, which increases healthy components and intensifies its remarkably sweet sea air flavours. The tender young buds are then hand-picked, steamed, dried and kneaded.

Momo Yoshida is the Momo behind Momoteas and this elegant, mellow, sweet offering. She’s a tea sommelier from Japan who wants to share the best of Japanese tea with the world. This sweet leaf will delight even the most serious of tea enthusiasts. After you pop out your monocle, relax with a cup and try pairing this tea with barbequed sea bass, vegetable dumplings and sweet mochi.

Curated by Linda Gaylard