Eco-Cha Teas High Mountain Black Tea

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Black tea is the traditional steamy hot beverage of the pip-pip-cheerio-trafalger-square-god-save-the-queen scene, but it’s actually got its origins in China. This tea is also a child of the Camellia Sinensis plant, but it goes through a full oxidation.

Eco-Cha’s offering was harvested when the leaves were at about half-maturity from plants grown at extremely high elevations. This smaller leaf variety can withstand the cooler mountain air of Alishan and Lin Xi mountains, resulting in a full-bodied brew with a unique flavour profile. 

Eco-Cha are a collective of sommeliers and producers that came together in friendship to represent the artistry of Taiwanese tea making. The teas are produced by farmers that use ancient, sustainable methods.

The infusion is layered and satisfying, revealing flavours of dark chocolate, burnt sugar and walnut. Pair this robust tea with spice cake and grilled plums. And Charles Dickens and The Beatles. And a portrait of the Queen. And a painting of the Lin Xi mountains. 

Curated by Linda Gaylard