Camellia Sinensis Tea House Pu'er Jing Mai 2008 Organic

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This Shou (ripe) Pu'er is unique among Chinese teas because the leaves are fully oxidized, then steamed and rolled and finally ripened and aged. It's quite the process. Though it’s almost black in colour, Pu'er is not the same as black teas common in North America and Europe. It’s earthier and denser in flavour, and tea lovers would frown discretely at you if you attempted to squash its unique flavours with milk and sugar. 

While Pu'er is usually pressed into a cake for transport and sale, this one from Camellia Sinensis’ is loose leaf. This 9 year-old Shou (ripe) Pu’er was grown at 1200m in an eco-zone in Lin Can near Pu’er city, in China’s southern province of Yunnan. 

Camellia Sinensis was born from the tea passion of Hugo Americi, a Montrealer. His passion for tea is shared with three other business partners now including Kevin Gascoyne, Jamin Desharnais and François Marchand. His travels introduced him to the unique world of teas, which he wanted to share with his fellow Canadians. He opened his tea house in 1999, then began importing his own along with his partners a few years later. 

These aged tea leaves give off the strong earthy aromas of a mossy, damp forest. Its flavours include mineral, resin, dark chocolate and grains. Enjoy its silky taste on its own or paired with wild mushroom risotto or raw cacao. Serve it to a tea snob and watch them smile. 

Curated by Linda Gaylard