Salt & Pepper


Salt. The mineral found in ocean beds, ponds, and buried deep underground has been a staple of civilization since early hunter-gatherers tasted the day’s kill. Since then, salt has served many purposes: preservative, currency, even religious symbol. And perhaps most important of all is salt's role as essential ingredient to life.  

Pepper, on the other hand, is less essential and more extravagant. Grown in clusters on the vine, the piper plant is cultivated for its fruit, that when dried, is what we recognize as the peppercorn. 

From the pink salt found deep in the Himalayas to the youth and delicacy of Madagascar's green peppercorns, there's a salt and pepper for every occasion and every taste.

Our salt and pepper expert, Michelle Anna Jordan, is an award-winning chef and the author of The Good Cook’s Book of Salt & Pepper. Let her take you on a journey of unconventional flavours and the finest ingredients. This specially curated list will arm you with the right secret weapon that will transform any dish from ‘blah’ to ‘muah’.