Hot Sauce

Hot sauce


Chili peppers. Habanero peppers. Ghost peppers. So many possible ingredients, so many different flavours – and so many variations in heat that an entire index, the Scoville scale, was created to measure them.

Whether slathered on tacos or tucked away in your handbag, the best hot sauces are versatile, distinctive and used for more than simply one-upping the person next to you. That’s why culinary connoisseurs don’t stop at one: it’s important to have a variety of sauces in the fridge, ready to raise the temperature. 

Our hot sauce expert, Guy Rawlings, knows how to pick piquant, relying on makers with both traditional family recipes and creative flair who also trust nothing but fresh ingredients and time-honoured processes. These are the sauces that get our pulses racing, make our meals tastier and make us sweat – in a good way.