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Asian Sauces



From the crystal waters of Vietnam to the country side of Kentucky, Asian sauces bring a new dimension to any backyard barbecue or traditional Asian dishes. Handcrafted through century-old aging, fermenting and curing techniques, Asian sauces have become the staple side for any sushi, chicken or stir fry dish. Dating back to 40 AD, recipes for soy sauce and tamari were often handed down through generations of farmers, used to add flavour to rice and fish dishes. By the 1700s, Indian trading companies had begun listing several Asian sauces as commodities, and the craze for authentic Asian cuisine was born.

Today, dozens of sauces and pastes have become readily available across the globe, making choosing the right sauce somewhat challenging. As an expert in Asian cuisine, Nick Liu is your go-to guy for every Asian sauce, from mala to hoisin. Chef Liu has travelled the world, working for renowned restaurants such as Rhodes on the Square and Niagara Street Café. Today, he is the executive Chef and Partner of Toronto’s critical darling, DaiLo, making him the ultimate authority on Asian cuisine.