I Knew There Would Be More Mosquitoes On The Farm, But I Didn’t Expect This!


My family recently moved away from the hectic city to a farm near Lake Damon, in the Northwest Highlands of Florida to enjoy a more relaxed life.

This took a bit of getting used to, and I was prepared for most of that.

But what I didn’t expect when we moved out here was that we would be constantly attacked by Mosquitoes.

They swarmed around us at night, and in the morning we’d all have these itchy, red spots on our skin.

My wife and I looked for the best mosquito repellents online.

We tried those candles but they smelt dreadful and were largely ineffective unless you stood within an inch of them!

The sprays worked but were filled with toxic chemicals or ingredients our 4-year old daughter was allergic to, and we certainly didn’t want to expose Tiger (our bull terrier) to these either.

I didn’t want my little girl to get bitten or get sick, so before bed I posted to Facebook asking if any of my friends had suggestions.

My Friend's Brilliant Advice…

The next morning I woke up to tons of replies but the one that stood out was a message from an old friend who works at one of Europe’s leading Biotech companies working on non-toxic solutions to control pests that transmit disease.

He mentioned a new product one of the engineers in their US office created called Mozz Guard, which is an anti-mosquito device that uses brand new technology to emit a combination of UV, Co2 & heat to attract and kill mosquitoes fast.

Now, naturally I was skeptical. I’ve seen a million of these kinds of devices, this seemed like another gimmick if I’m being brutally honest. “Does it actually work?” I asked. Here’s what he said:

“Look, I wouldn’t tell you to get one if they didn’t work. My Mother’s living on a farm in Texas and I’ve given them to her and they’ve worked like an absolute charm.

After years of trial and error, they’ve finally managed to get the same technology we use for our industrial devices into something portable, and that’s why it’s so effective. You just put it away from you and leave it there, it literally turns your yard into a mosquito free zone. Get it, you are going to love it."

So I ended up ordering the Mozz Guard and 3 days later, it had arrived and I was already trying it out!

The first thing I noticed was the quality and how sturdy it was. It’s got this round design so it lures bugs from all angles, and you can put it in a corner of a room or right in the middle of the yard.

It’s got a rechargeable lithium battery, which is great because you can use it without hooking it up to a power outlet. And it lasts for over 14 hours, which I think is impressive. Apparently, this battery also creates the UV frequency that bugs love.

I also noticed that the Mozz Guard has a nice loop or handle so you can hang it on a hook or carry it easily. If you’re the outdoorsy type, it’s perfect for camping or to bring on hikes.

How does it actually work?

The device looked great, but I wanted to know how it could actually attract and kill the mosquitoes, so I did some research…

On a hot day, we breathe out and sweat, which releases carbon dioxide and heat which attract mosquitoes towards us, ultimately resulting in the annoying bites.

Now, apparently the Mozz Guard is the only device which emits a combination of UV light, carbon dioxide and heat which attracts the mosquitoes towards the lamp and away from us.

It’s got a wide coverage of up to 300 square feet, so it effectively creates a “mosquito free zone”. And once the Mosquitoes fly into the device, they’re simply zapped dead by the electric coil.

The explanation made sense, but I wanted to see for myself, so I put the device to the test!

The moment of truth: does the Mozz Guard work?

The mosquitoes were already out in force! So I took the Mozz Guard outside and set it up in my yard.

Since the website claims it can attract mosquitoes that are up to 300 square feet away (especially when dark), I wanted to test if it got rid of the mosquitoes around the house plus those in the surrounding area.

What happened next was brilliant. Within a matter of seconds, I could no longer see, hear or feel any mosquitoes. I checked under the plants and in the corners where the bugs would hang out.

I even asked my wife or daughter if they sensed any pesky bugs. All we could hear was a quiet “zap”, “zap” each time a mosquito would hit the Mozz Guard.

I went back inside, poured a glass of wine for my wife and myself and we relaxed outside, enjoying the rest of the evening bite free with our daughter.

Sold out before summer ends

Later that night I messaged my friend and told him his recommendation was a hit, and he was excited about it, too. He explained to me that they have been selling like crazy and I was lucky I bought it when I did, because they are selling out as soon as they stock up!

So if you’re a curati reader and want to try the Mozz Guard, I suggest grabbing one now. If you can still order, it means there’s still stock!

A Camping Essential

For me, the real test of the Mozz Guard was whether it was going to work in the “real” outdoors. So one weekend, my brothers and I took the long drive to Blackwater River State Park, a beautiful but mosquito-filled spot (my wife didn’t want to risk bringing our daughter with us yet).

I took the Mozz Guard with us and set it a few yards away from our campsite so that the bugs would go there instead.

While my skeptical brothers were laughing at me and shaking their heads, putting on some of that nasty mosquito lotion, I decided to put all my money on the Mozz Guard.

Thanks to Mozz Guard, I slept like a baby. We all did. No swatting, no itching, no annoying buzzing.

I woke up completely bite-free, and so did my brothers. And when I opened the Mozz Guard to clean it, it was completely filled with dead bugs and mosquitoes. It was kinda gross but really impressive!

Well, my brothers were soon asking me where I got the zapper. Honestly, I couldn't help but gloat!

What Else I Like About Mozz Guard

  • Works Instantly: Mozz Guard uses an advanced combination of UV, Co2 and Heat which attracts 5x more mosquitoes than any device on the market. The technology is so effective it can eradicate mosquitoes within 300 square feet. Enough to cover your porch, deck, bedroom, backyard and campsite.
  • Chemical Free: I have a four year old daughter and dog, so I get peace of mind knowing Mozz Guard doesn’t use any toxic chemicals that can irritate nasal passages, cause skin rashes and endanger your pet.
  • Long Lasting Battery: The lithium battery on Mozz Guard lasts over 14 hours on a single charge.
  • Portable & Compact: Can be used outdoors or in any room and includes a handy loop to hang it. Since it’s USB rechargeable, you don’t need an outlet.
  • Whisper quiet: Industrial zappers sound like a clap of lighting when they work, the Mozz Guard works quietly in the background, making it perfect for bedrooms, offices and even babies’ bedrooms.

Real People: Real Results

Tens of thousands of customers have eliminated Mosquitoes thanks to the Mozz Guard, let’s hear from some of them.

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