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Spice Lab Kala Namak Indian Black Salt

Spice Lab Kala Namak Indian Black Salt

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Pink Is The New Black

While it’s known as Black Salt, it’s actually more of a pinkish-grey. Just go with it. Used mostly as a condiment, Kala Namak’s slight sulfuric, egg-like taste makes a great addition to noodles and rice, and gives fruit salad an unexpected punch.

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Also known as Black Salt, Kala Namak salt has a distinctly pinkish-grey colour. Just go with it. Found in Pakistan in deep, deep salt mines, large, mineral-rich salt rocks are heated in large kettles until reaching a melting point. They’re then poured, cooled, and eventually ground.

Everything offered by the Spice Lab, a woman-owned and family-run business, comes from a single source, giving salt-lovers everywhere a unique experience and something to brag about.

Used more as a condiment than a cooking salt, Kala Namak has a slightly sulfuric, egg-like taste that is a great addition to noodle and rice dishes, and gives fruit salad an unexpected punch. If you’re not one to get hung up on names, this pink salt is the best black salt you’ll ever try.

Curated by Michele Anna Jordan

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