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Vicki's Veggies Smokehouse

Vicki's Veggies Smokehouse

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A Saucy Smoke Show

Starting with certified organic hot peppers grown on Vicki’s Veggies’ farm in Prince Edward County, this sauce cold-smokes the peppers using a blend of five woods before lacto-fermenting. Add a smoky wood-fired tang to pizza, grilled cheese, or whatever’s on the grill.

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A Saucy Smoke Show

Vicki’s Veggies is best-known for growing over 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, but they don’t stop there. They also grow certified organic hot peppers on their farm in Prince Edward County, and this is the best way to try them: on everything.

Their superstar hot pepper gets to show off its beauty in this delicious lightly-smoked hot sauce. Using a blend of five woods they cold-smoke these peppers before lacto-fermenting. Slow and steady aging melds the heat and flavours bringing the atmosphere of a wood-fired meal to your palate. 

Curated by Guy Rawlings

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